Why is the Joker so attractive?

Why is Heath Ledgers interoperation of the Joker so hot? Like, I get it. Some people may look at him and say "Wow, that's a greasy ass clown lol" but I think differently. I am somewhat aesthetically and physically attracted to him. It's fucking unhinged and I've gotten MANY hate bcuz of it and it makes me sad :((( I mean, I am kind of unhinged too and I have a thing for clown men. Ex: G0Z On Roblox, Joker (Joaquin Phoenix ver.), Joker (Heath Ledger ver.), Pennywise (2017 & 2019). I JUST NEED HIM BRO

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I think we all had a crush on Heath Ledger at some point

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im gonna need you to stop right there. take a shower. and think about what you did in timeout.

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"Be nice" did that go over your head, lil bro?

by Ixcelle; ; Report

no. it went over my head and missed me after i was sliding down a sldide at the park. now get in time out.

by CadeyWadey; ; Report

no thankz pal

by Ixcelle; ; Report