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i ramble about collide with the sky

i just cannot get over how good collide with the sky by pierce the veil is. i think that it might be the best album in their discography and i've loved it ever since i first heard it. lemme just talk about it. 

it starts off with an intro that starts off quiet and it gets more intense to rile up the listener. and when it reaches its peak, it transitions into hell above. now ive never seen it live but when ptv does this in live performances with the curtain drop, it is INSANE. it is SUCHH a good entrance. helll above is a great way to start off an album, letting the listener have a little taste of what theyre about to listen to. 

next up then play a song about vic's friend who had breast cancer. this song has such a sweet meaning with lyrics that really show that he cares for her.

I kissed the scars on her skin

I still think you're beautiful

And I don't ever wanna lose my best friend

then we have the very well known king for a day. this song is a stunning collab between ptv and kellin quinn, the lead singer of sleeping with sirens. both of these bands were liked by the emo/scene crowd and this collaboration makes the album all the more exciting. just the alternating between singers, the instrumental lead up to the beat switch, its such a good song.

after that we have bulls in the bronx. a fast-paced and catchy track with amazing instrumentals. seriously i just looovee the instrumental break, the way the song progresses, and the piano ending. the chorus is something that i could sing for days

next we have props and mayhem. i have such specific memories lying on the floor listening to this song when i was in middle school lmaoa. this one is a bit more emotional sound-wise. its based off the movie attack the block, which is about saving the world from aliens. the song just sounds like somebody fighting desperately to stay alive. i also just love vic's vocals here too, its all just so good

now we have tangled in the great escape. this song is even more of a punch to the gut, featuring jason butler from the band letlive. this song is what caused me to write this in the first place because it feels so personal. it's about seeing someone you love struggle with drug addiction and how powerless you feel in the situation. how the lyrics and the instrumentals in this song interact with each other makes it all more emotional. this is another song where i love vic's vocals, especially at 3:36. personally, my favorite part of the song would be the bridge. i especially love the instrumentals here

I let you down

And I started to run

Never meant to be your pain

What have I become?

after that punch in the gut, we have ANOTHER punch in the gut. this one is called im low on gas and you need a jacket. this song is about nearing a breakup and it has soo many well-written lines. it feels like knowing that it's the end of you and your partner, having to start over, and the emptiness and loneliness that comes with breakups.

A million hooks around, a million ways to die

But I will soon forget the color of your eyes

And you'll forget mine

then we have the first punch: a fast-paced contrast to the past few tracks. this song has kind of an angry tone to it. it kind of has a double meaning going on: a message to asshole bands and feelings with someone you had with someone you used to love. it feels frantic in a way, like going back on old habits.

after that there's one hundred sleepless nights. its about the betrayal of your partner cheating on you and leaving with someone else's child. the bitterness you feel about not being loved enough in a relationship, and questioning what made them decide to treat you like this. this is a topic that stings so deeply, and one that manyy people can relate to.

now onto stained glass eyes and colorful tears, the second to last song on the album. this is another one of my favorite tracks from collide with the sky. theres always something about the second to last song on albums i swear. this song feels like having hope for a better/brighter future, even if the present is dim. the vocals and overall melody make this one of my favorites.

this album closes with hold on till may, featuring lindsey stamey. it is such a beautiful closer to the album, probably their most popular. it talks about being there for a girl vic dated that had neglectful parents. many of the fans have used this song as a motivation to keep going, keep holding on, for just a little while longer. 

It gets you down, we've all been there sometimes

But tonight, I'll make you feel beautiful once again

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