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lil rant vol. 3

so i woke up earlier from one of the best sleeps i've had especially lately to my sister calling asking if her and her boyfriend can come over, no tht isnt an issue but i did have to tell her no because my boyfriend was still asleep and i had just woken up, knowing he wasnt going to be up for another few hours [i was right btw] but i havent been able to get back to sleep and it is currently 2:10 AM, i also woke up with a horrible headache but my boyfriend got me some stuff for it. i'm not smoking for the night and tomorrow and probably the day after that. i'm gonna lay at the end of the bed that's next to his chair so i'm close to him while he plays his game because he didnt wanna lay down any longer [reasonable] 

we also didnt get to go to the fair this year but there are 2 left that we can try to go to. so hopwfully those workout and hopefully i can sleep soon 

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