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fnaf ruin spoilers!!

ok so ruin is finally out and thats super cool so i wanna talk abt it 

a, i rlly dont like eclipse that much?? i think his voice is cool and all. but i do think his design is a bit mid/lackluster i very much like the fandoms glowing orange face idea compared to the grungey lil guy we got. plus i would just like it better if we got two separate bots for the sun and moon characters and then ended up mangling them together, than if we just messed them up a bit and changed their voice. but i also know that im a bit biased bc i just dont like the idea of eclipse that much in general and i would have preferred the idea of sun being a helpful friend aiding us in fighting moon or sumthn like that. 
b, mxes is cool and all but his design just isnt my favorite. i think his coloring and glitching and mechanics r super cool, but his face is just weird to me? it doesnt remind me of a game fnaf feel it reminds me of  book fnaf feel. and the lack of legs also throws me off a bit, it adds to the whole book fnaf feel and makes him more silly looking instead of threatening. 
c, i love the roxy redemption arc, shes always been one of my favorite animatronics and i love the fact that she gets to be a good guy. and how u can tell she was rly only mad at gregory bc he *ruined* her (haha ruin joke) 
d, i also love the security nodes mechanics i think theyre a rlly cool way of looking at things (haha) and i think its fun 
e, bonnies room???? the lil golden glamrock freddy figure and the signed poster?? Absolutely adorable im obsessed i just wonder y freddy didnt have the same sort of stuff in his room :( 
f, also being in sunnys room??? i loved that so much 

storywise, meh, u could tell the story from the minute u heard gregory's voice. and i dont rlly *like* the mimic in general, not that i hate him, but it just seems like an easy way out. at this point i feel the most important stuff we should be getting from fnaf is a answer to what rlly happened in the old lore instead of building and using that as a "oh well maybe this is for the old lore too" thing but who knows. what i am rlly interested in is the (what i think to be) remnant floating around the pizzaplex?? and the whiteish blueish goop? y is it still in our story rn, what is it doing, i want to know what william is using it for rn. y r we seemingly transferring them places? is it old or new? is it actually remnant and fazgoo? 

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