Hi guys!! I graduated last week and I looked great :) my girlfriend did my hair the day before and my outfit looked great! I saw my uni friends and my family came!! My girlfriend watched it live online and she was so supportive. They read my whole name wrong on stage which ruined the moment, but I had a great time seeing my friend graduate and spending some time with her and her mum and my family after. We also spoke to our teacher who supervised our dissertations and she was really nice. I'm officially done with uni and graduation and it's sad and scary but it means I can progress to do what I want in the future and create a path towards the life that I want! I really want a good amount of money saved up so that I can comfortably live with my girlfriend. I love and value this girl so much!! She made me a cute card and got me a graduation gift. She is truly a treasure and I love that we are able to make each other feel special.

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