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The Path To Suffering Is A Canal: Deliverance Unto Subjugation

"I can feel their bodies
Press in, from all around.
The scent; like hot totties -
Yes, I am surrounded;
Like a child, before it's crowned."
I decide to sigh.
Though, I wish I hadn't
Felt compelled to confide
In my date; who'd a habit
Of speaking only Latin.
With that, I realize...
"Is it still spelled the same?"
But he shows no surprise
At my lame aim to not say,
"Hey, I'd forgotten your name!"
And he sets down his fork,
After a bite of cake.
His mouth corners carve north;
Here, in our favorite Café.
Yes, a familiar face.
I smile back, with a nod;
For, this, I understand.
But, what before, had I jawed?
My mug struggles in my hand.
Coffee, hot - to the table, lands;
As I am throttled
By the paws of
The Damned.

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