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Spacehey, needs to change

Tw as this may contain words that could possibly make others harm one or another 

 So as multiple people have addressed, spacehey is beginning to become unsafe, I one hundred percent agree, I have seen mass amounts of child pornography and pornography in general, the bullying gets to a point on here where I've seen people say that they are going to commit and they haven't been online for months, I have also gotten multiple friend requests from adult men and women who have their boobs out or their dick, which isn't safe especially for the age group that is on spacehey. It takes weeks for people to actually get banned once you report them and even still they barely get banned cause you need to mass report them. I have seen multiple photos on here of self harm and that's not okay, if you are harming yourself you need to tell an adult immediately and get help. Cocaine superstar made a blog about this and I will link it in the comments. 

Spacehey needs moderators who can help the problems and keep everyone out of danger.

I have had multiple people be harassed by Dahvie vanity (have no idea if it was actually him) and have seen with my own eyes what a horrible person he is. 

Spacehey was fun and really cool at the start but it is starting to become unsafe for everyone.

The suicide hotline who also handles multiple other options is open 7 days a week 24 hours. The number is 988 and if you have anything going on please contact them.

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sorry didnt see this when i commented, thats absolutely nasty, the moderation here is getting really upsetting

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Yeah, there's also a lot of gore profiles as well


absolutely unacceptable

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