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old trollsonas

so like since my profile is homestuck themed I'm gonna probably theme it around a trollsona too

but the problem is i havent had a proper trollsona in a while ive just been sitting here liking homestuck and being amphibianArtisian on discord

and I have this very old trollsona, Ocrius Jeknda, who was my first persona of any kind to be a guy and basically step one of me accepting that I'm trans, so he holds a special place in my heart 

very old art of Ocrius

then there's Jaykie Caelos who I made later, switched to olive blood instead of lime blood, and I went into my gender repression era and made them he/she/they

old art of jaykie

bro even looked sad

a lot of Ocrius I wanna keep and a lot is kind of cringey cause I made it freshman year lol. so I think I'll combine the two to a certain extent (amphibianArtisian was Jaykie) and give him a more accurate sign cause I'm a derse dreamer and while life is somewhat accurate I think blood is more like me

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