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ok i'm like. three days late. BUT HEEEEY IT (was) MY BIRTHDAY!!! THE BIG 19!!!!!

I took a bunch of pics on a disposable camera but i left it at my friends house }:(
But but i DID see the Barbie movie!
It was alright lol, i feel like it could've gone about certain things a bit better. like. idk certain things it tried to say but either went a weird direction with, or like. didn't go anywhere with at all lol.
Lotsa fun though, gotta say.

Me and two friends went to the mall, we walked around for a while. Eyeless got me a bear hat!! ITS JUST LIKE LAIN!!!! (its the one from hot topic lol)
Other than that, uuuhh.. We went to build-a-bear but we didnt get anything bc the one i wanted was too expensive. I didnt want a STUPID birthday bear i wanted a COOL frog with OVERALLS and a CAT VOICEBOX named CEREBRAL PAL-SY

ooh ohh i also got like. some tape and a bunch of scrap booking stuff. its all so so so cute omg its so cute i cant wait to make stupid collages and shit and show it to yall if i remember to post it

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