Kinda h8 when subculturez r called aestheticz

Subculturez nd aestheticz r different nd I rlly h8 when subculturez r called aestheticz, take goth as an example, ppl think they can just call themselvez goth 4 the aesthetic even if they dont listen 2 the music or hav the moralz/idealz which isntz true, in order 2 b goth u gotta listen 2 the music nd hav the moralz/idealz of goth culture, tbh same goes 4 any subculturez, u can't call urself a punk then b transphobic or something, it doesnt work liek that, u gotta hav the moralz of a punk

Ya know wut I mean? Liek, tbh I see e-kidz as an aesthetic rather then a subculture bc itz just a style, u dont rlly need 2 hav certain valuez or listen 2 certain music 2 call urself or consider urself as an e-kid, itz just the way u dress

Idk if every1 will agree or get wut I mean but those r my thoughtz

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"Punk is my aesthetic" WHAT????????

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I wish E-kid stuff had an actual culture. Music, morals/values, the whole nine yards.

I would be cool if it was an actual thing instead of just a short fashion trend that I'm pretty sure has completely died out now.

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I mean, there was Cave Town and Penelope Scott but that was pretty much it I think

by Theemocowboy; ; Report

they also have lil peep

by RegulusMustDie; ; Report


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i hate "aesthetics". it was the end of people having fun.

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murderishh :]

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I agree sm!! I hate when ppl do that it's just so fucking annoying. And then people don't even know what it is to genuinely be alternative because all they're info is from crappy tik toks that also don't know anything about any alternative subculture and are just labeling it as some kind of aesthetic, take grunge for example, no one knows what genuine grunge is anymore cause all they're seeing is those basic green cargo pants and band shirt "grunge"

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i agree, grunge especially has been so watered down that anyone that puts a small chain on their normal outfit will call their outfit grunge. actual grunge outfits were so fire, idky they would'nt just wanna dress like that

by ali angelheart<3; ; Report

Exactly I have an "alt " friend who dresses "grunge" and doesnt even know grunge music exists, like most subcultures have more to them than just music

by Melziee; ; Report

i agree ! also maybe you can try educating ur friend on it and maybe they'll get into real grunge :]

by ali angelheart<3; ; Report

Yeah I haven't talked about it to him yet, I hope he'll understand

by Melziee; ; Report

Yeah I haven't talked about it to him yet, I hope he'll understand

by Melziee; ; Report

hopefully. u can let me know how it goes if you'd like to :]

by ali angelheart<3; ; Report

Oki lolz

by Melziee; ; Report

But maybe he just likes to dress like that. He's not considering himself as grunge or any other subculture he's just dressing differently yk

by ABN; ; Report

Idk he's told me before that he dresses grunge, but I still need to ask him

by Melziee; ; Report


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I feel like part of it is that a lot of people are starting to view identity as something you buy rather than something you cultivate and create. They call subcultures "aesthetics" bc everything is viewed through the lens of consumption

An infuriating number of who are super into scene as an aesthetic have no idea that the looks and a lot of the music arose as a rejection of post-9/11 performative hypernationalism

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maybe you should make a deep dive into some scene history, i think that would be cool and educational to kids who don't know

by ali angelheart<3; ; Report


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REAL or when ppl refuse to acknowledge that it's not just fashion

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