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My top 10 Spotify artists of July

Just a fun thing to keep track of, here are the artists I listened to the most this month! [Todd in the Shadows voice] We're counting down! 

#10 New Jeans

Obviously I've been enjoying the new tracks. Aren't we all? I really like Cool With You and New Jeans the most. Overall they've just been putting out some great music.

#9 Lennon Stella

I don't know that much about her as an artist but I love her album Three Two One and recently came back to it. The songs Golf On TV and Kissing Other People are two of my favorites from her and I was OBSESSED when the album came out in 2020. Still a very good album I hope she releases another one soon.

#8 Tove Lo

Tove Lo's music has always fit a certain mood so perfectly for me. I really enjoy all of her albums and usually it's for when I'm feeling myself but I've recently been listening to the stripped version of Dirt Femme she released when I'm going to sleep. She gave the album a whole new chill vibe.

#7 EXO

If I had to pick one boy group to stand behind I might pick Exo. I just love their music and I listen to it a lot. The songs that I've been obsessed with lately are Hear Me Out and, the forever bop, Gravity.

#6 Loona

It seems like the boycott has mostly lifted and I am weak. I promise I didn't listen to official stuff for a good while but I've been back on it since Odd Eye Circle redebuted. I haven't been listening to any specific album or songs but I'll tell you my current favorite: Universe. I adore that song.

#5 Odd Eye Circle

LETS GOOO! I've been so hype about this album and the Air Force One mv. I watched it so many times analyzing it for lore clues. Btw if you ever want to talk about the loonaverse I'm your gal! My favorite song is Lucid. Also I'm convinced the lyrics of that one is about the timeline resetting in the loonaverse. 

#4 TV Girl

Their new album is so interesting! I don't love every song but I find the whole thing fascinating. It's a whole exploration of feelings about god and the afterlife. It feels very vulnerable and I love that. My favorite song is All The Way Through.

#3 Oh My Girl

I'll admit this is so high on the list because I fell asleep listening to their new album and it played for the whole time I was sleeping. I do like the album though and Oh My Girl's music in general. I really liked Dirty Laundry and Celebrate. Very cute. 

#2 Taylor Swift

Have I said yet that I was there on the night that she announced Speak Now TV's date and album cover? That was my concert night! It was insane! So obviously I was ready to pounce on the rerecording and I love it of course. My favorite song, and one of my favorite songs ever, is Back to December but I also loved the vault tracks!

#1 Charli XCX

I love Charli! My first blog on here was about her! Her music fills me with such confidence and good vibes. I'm still listening to Crash a lot. I also loooove Speed Drive from the Barbie Soundtrack. 

Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know who your top artists are. You can see it on your Spotify on desktop and I think it's fun to look at ^_^

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