~i just hate it (Vent post)

I hate it when people use feminine pronouns in relation to me. I don't mind wearing skirts or dresses, I don't mind looking feminine, but I just want to puke when I hear "she" in my direction. My country is very homophobic, there are just the stupidest laws that people involved in the LGBT+ community need to be treated mentally - which is generally not professionally from a medical point of view. I can only say my pronouns to friends, parents and relatives will either not understand or will hate me because of their homophobia and transphobia. Someday I will leave here, most likely either to Latvia or to Germany, because in Germany I have an aunt who will most likely help me get used to a new country. I don't want to tolerate homophobia, it just hurts me to listen to the homophobic statements of my parents and I just want recognition among my relatives and just people around me, I don't want to be afraid to wear badges with a flag, say my pronouns, change my name or even do top surgery. I hope someday I will be in a circle of loved ones and people who recognize me, like here - I can safely say that I am a queer person from a homophobic country and know that I will be accepted for who I am

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