(Drawing) Playstation Girl

Shes so Hawtttt. lort habve mercy. anywaysssss I'm super proud of this design. I 100% got the idea from Tofokyo they made a dreamcast character. but i relate wayy more with the PS triple.  

Yes i had to make a console hawt. Had a genius idea to make their eye the CD slot. I didn't have the Og Play station. this is the slim version. might make the "thick" original playstation. 

gives me the idea to make more consoles maybe? prolly nawt anywayssss. if you sneezed while reading this blog bless you. and if you read up until this point. thank u for readdingggg <3 <3 mew mew mew :3

Song: Manian - Welcome to the club (Jonski Frenchcore Remix) 

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PSMove controllers for arm is so big brain

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harvard already @ my door foe that one. got mad studios hitting me up. Mew Mew Mew :3333

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