I went to see the barbie movie with my friend for her birthday, but she fell asleep so i need to talk about it lol. anyways i really liked it, I didn't cry like I thought I would, but the speeches and the fucking soundtrack was amazing. Dua ate and so did Ryan, but I also loved the message like when they said the movie was meant for everyone they weren't lying like if it was a kid was watching it ofc they wouldn't really understand but it'd still be a cute little movie about barbie and her friends. To the older audience it makes sense and shows the difference between worlds and in the end, it preaches equality and how everyone no matter gender is their own person. And I saw that they used actors that usually play "ugly" characters playing the cute and girly roles and I love that because they were never ugly in the first place. That also makes me think about how I was seeing the diversity in the movie and I really liked how they were just there like idk how to explain it, but they didn't have to have a side story or a part in the movie about their struggle yk like they were there with no judgment towards and were treated like any other person. Overall, I really liked the movie and fuck all the lame ass ppl who say otherwise.

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