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Could your hobbies become analog or offline if necessary?

Regarding my last few years of steadily realigning interests, applying myself more, and generally overthinking things. I have found that as of this blog I am certain that not only could I get back into my hobbies regardless of dramatic changes in my life, but have planned and resourced to a neurotic degree in order to think I have any control at all.

While I am very curious to see what unique considerations towards this people might respond with, the rest of this blog is going to be a breakdown and summary of hobbies I feel I am confident with upkeeping in the face of inevitable inconvenience.

General Art:

I find that with basic media creation I would be able to maintain a bedrock standard of efficiency even in the face of a somewhat unlikely solar flare or EMP strike. My reasoning for this is due to several hardware investments I have made, those being:

First a refurbished Panasonic CF-19 Toughbook loaded with offline tested software & media.

Next, a Voyager V2 Radio where its contents and any rechargeable batteries are left in box.

Finally a Cyber Power Car AC Outlet which hasn't even left its packaging.

and more pepperoni... 

As you can probably imagine, these devices did in fact cost money, roughly in the range of 650-700$ for the whole lot.

However, I have found myself in a few situations I would have otherwise had to NOT look at screens by myself, and I figure that I could spend the rest of my life trying to get through all the content amassed on this rig & its future backups.

Unfortunately I cannot overstate how much could go wrong in the far future regarding their continued functionality. Not to even mention that currently I would be handicapping myself in small ways, especially offline video editing for some cruel reason.

But despite immediate shortcomings, the big changes for acquiring & maintaining electricity, and the ever constant reminder that foresight will account for all, I am still satisfied with what I have accrued. Therefore this has been more than enough for me to safely continue doing almost all the hobbies I have mentioned in my profiles general tab, almost as if nothing ever happened.


Before I even start talking about music, I do not claim to be much of a musical artist other than a decent singer & voice actor. However I find that when I am forced to wait for something, sometimes I find composing short songs, jingles or shanties with what I have on hand.

Typically this amounts to little more than GarageBand and what I can record with on my phone, and because of the low barrier for entry or quality control, I am less inhibited to do so. Furthermore if I am feeling particularly inspired, I will go back to my Toughbook to refine things as I find that an internet connection makes me more prone to doom/wiki scroll and get distracted.

While I am in love & indebted to Sony Vegas Pro 14, I am happy to say that distant hefty Steam purchase came bundled with Magix Music Maker, a software that is MUCH more offline friendly than Vegas Pro ever is. Couple all this with Audacity (*outdated), and the rest is history!



Referring back to the calcifying morass of sub-terrabyte wonder that is my Toughbook, I cannot overstate how important I find it is better to have fewer games than movies/music in your vault.

This conclusion was reached due to personally feeling that games either wear out fast to me or become household names, and if there has to be a lot, they better be compact in size without diminishing returns.

All of this being said, my current game library includes a fine mix of Steam exe's, DOS, Flash, and abandonware alike. While I might just end up playing Rimworld for another week straight, there is a chance I wont! 

But I cannot just gloss over the few games I consider outright creative software I find myself using to a worrying degree. Particularly I rely on an uneven power couple between Blender & Garry's Mod to oversee great maniacal machinations of garbage gamemode potential. RPGMaker2003 has also been quite interesting (if just getting immersed in them), as well as dozens of software applications I snagged from BlueMaxima's Flashpoint.



In short, I think no matter what your hobby is, I realize its sobering that there was a human several generations ago using outdated and janky analog methods for what comes to me naturally through digital means. But sometimes I feel that it is important to realize how much I can take this for granted. Therefore it gets harder to see those old techniques as arbitrary, when in reality many people still use those applications to this day.

Thank you bearing with me on my first ramble that probably won't disappear in several days. I hope to post when I can, and I will see you if I see you like a baby with no peripheral cohesion.

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