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How to become a Bad Bi$h & find confidence <3

Hey baddie! If you clicked on this ur probs on ur self love journey or looking to start. Ur in good hands hun bc i got u covered! The first step to finding confidence and becoming a baddie is faking it until u make it. Who says u can't embrace ur inner RiRi? Her confidence is insane, from the way she carries herself, to her classiness she is a great womxn to take inspo from. How many times have you heard how BOMB she smells? Or how bright her aura is? Literally everyone who has ever been around her says the exact same thing abt the womxn! Now that's a bad bi$h! You should do the same, prioritize how you present yourself. Try doing things that make you feel good. Certain things I do to make me feel like THAT BI$H is i say positive affirmations before i start my day. Start telling yourself that you are beautiful, because u are! And if you don't believe it why should anyone else? Another thing you can do is treat yourself to a self care day 2-3 times a month. Get your nails done, have a at home spa day, buy a new outfit etc. Do things that make you HAPPY. Take yourself on a lunch date, enjoy your personal space. Get to know YOU. The real you. <3 Be gentle with yourself, forgive yourself for past mistakes, and understand that you are a boss bi$h that got it goin on, and whether u know that or not u soon will babe!! So go stand in that mirror and tell urself that u are THAT BI$H! i hope this helped. <3 *kisses*

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Sabrina X

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Self love is the best love 💘🌸💕

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honestly the bad bish self love path is a hard one, but worth it! it's very important to be kind to yourself!! unrelated, but I haven't had a sense of smell since middle school, wayy before covid, so because I was scared that I'd smell bad and wouldnt know I made sure to shower at least every other day, if not every day and wear perfume and deodorant daily!

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Starla ୨୧

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yessss @ smelling good! that’s one of the best ways to leave a statement everywhere you go . some perfume recommendations i have are ‘sweet like candy’ by ariana grande & ‘Lait De Coco’ in urban outfitters . will have everyone asking what you’re wearing

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