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intro / byf + dni ✩

amelie or ame ♡ she/they/neos ♡ 13yo
intj 6w5 sp/so mel-chol SLUAN ELFV (?)

i am a bisexual and genderfluid. i prefer
feminine terms and dislikes male terms being
used. compliments are always ok for thy,
as long as its nothing weird ^^ i am a minor so
please keep that in mind while talking to me.

BYF: please use tonetags while talking to me as i have a 
hard time understanding tone in text. i have anxiety
and get paranoid a lot which can affect my mood. i may be
kinda shy but i love love love to meet new people!

DNI: basic dni criteria, rude or toxic, use fonts/lang symbols
knowingly, overuses slurs (even if you can reclaim), dsmp stan, 
supports any problematic creators, rude 2 any of my friends. 

thank you for reading, i love u <3

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