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xav's 2023 media thread- albums

so, im going to start uploading my media thread posts from my twitter onto here unbroken so theyre easier to read as a whole. however, im making a seperate thread for the albums i reviewed, because i decided later on id stop putting them on that thread not because i dont listen to new music, but just because i listen to so much new music that itd make up such a large chunk of the thread. anyways:

Citrobal - Thanks For The Music (2000)

(originally posted 1/3/23)

very good album that reminds me of adolescence. i wish citrobal did more music...

favorite tracks: VW’88, 月曜の朝 (Monday Morning), VW’00, and 事実は小説より奇なり(Facts Are Stranger Than Fiction)

Golemm - Hazardous Bubble Basics (2021)

(originally posted 1/4/23)

shoutout to my boy sean for showing me this. plenty of dnb/breakcore/juke goodness from front to back!! i wanna play quake 3, halo, or some splatoon to this

favorite tracks: Felt Good, Spiritual Realm, Polliwogs

Golemm - One Year Madness (2022)
(originally posted 1/30/23)

really good listen! had a slightly different vibe from hazardous bubble basics

favorite tracks: Bionic Golem, Exotic!, MorningStarz, World of Fate, Croakers, Untold

Golemm - Coral Fresh (2021)
(originally posted 1/30/23)

didn’t like this one as much as the other two but it was still a nice listen

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