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blog entry [27/07/23] [18:26] - life update, kumi koda & enstars


i forgot i had this! attempting to make a return!

some updates in my life:

last friday i was incredibly ill with covid 19, which meant i couldn’t see the first showing of the barbie movie, which meant i have been extremely miserable.

i’m better now, and me and my mum are going to go and see it after we come back from our holiday next week! (no spoilers) (i’m very excited)

our holiday is to portugal!! i'm so so excited! i bought press-on nails today to wear for the trip! i’m going to be full gyaru as much as possible. it’s gonna be great.

some updates outside of personal life:

whilst i was locked in my room with covid, i obsessively watched kumi koda music videos and performances, and then cried, because instead of seeing deja vu live tour in 2011 in japan i was being 7 years old in the uk. 

my favourite kumi mvs would have to be taboo (classic), hot stuff, and d.d.d. feat. soulhead (another one of my fav japanese music artists). my favourite live performance is hey baby - i love the way she sings it slightly different to the studio recorded version (https://youtu.be/p7BBNNDuJsM)

another thing about kumi koda - her influence in fashion. i LOVE ero-kakkoii so much. it directly translates to ‘sexy-cool’, and kumi influenced it with her… risque… outfits in music videos, advertisements, performances, etc. (more here: https://web-japan.org/trends/buzz/bz0602.html)  i aim one day to become ero-kakkoii. i have a pinterest board of the style here: https://pin.it/6o4g3Rs

on a different note, i am attempting to get kanata and souma 5* in the current enstars event (submarine). its not going well. i have run out of data. will keep you updated.

thank you for reading!

lots of love, 



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