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happy birthday

so, i've officially joined a year ago WOO WOW big achievement I know right? well anyways I just thought I'd tell my 7 followers a little about myself. Some time around the beginning of last year i met this guy aaand welllll let's just say I kept meeting this guy and one thing leads to another, I'm in his bed right now blah blah blah COOL RIGHT? I don't know I guess I just never thought I'D get a bf and I dont really know if its hit me yet but it's definitely hit me that he's a great guy. I hope that when it does hit me (if it ever does) it'll be like how it is in the movies when were already married and have like 5 kids or something and its like this really dramatic dolly zoom like HOLY SHIT! I KISS THIS GUY! but maybe it hasn't "hit" like I keep saying, cause it just sorta came so naturally. I've been doing pretty good, it's just a lot of getting used to, learning things about each other and what each other needs. I know this sounds super sappy and straight out of a romcom but, i just really like this guy and I hate to admit it (not really i'll happily admit it) but he's my first real relationship and i just can't get over how lucky I got first try, no jinx, tho i doubt i. how i can i be so sure? man i don't know just trust me, you'd have to be with him to believe it. anyways it's getting kiiiiiiiiinda late and all im really doing is spewing about this guy rather than celebrating my wonderous feat of a year on this site but i'll just sign off by saying that this probably won't be the last of blogs like this. I love ranting. byeeeeeeeee.

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