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❗DNI and BYI

I have this on my carrd but I don't think that anyone reads that shit sooooo


Basic DNI, proshitters, homophobes, racists, etc. You guys are disgusting and I hate you 🥰🥰🥰

Andrew Tate/Donald Trump supporters

If you're under 13. Adults are ok ig but I prefer it if you don't interact with me much and if you aren't a creep. 

No NSFW accounts or if you're an account promoting NSFW things

Don't flirt with me or be a pervert bc I'm a minor!!! Self-explanatory

If you have real gore, s/h, or d3@d b0d!3s in your pfp or on your profile, or idolize murd3r3rs! :( It's not funny and it's disturbing


I curse A LOT online, but it's always not directed at anyone specifically, just like general cursing

Tone indicators are appreciated but not necessary!

I don't talk to ppl very long bc I have the worst social anxiety ever and usually don't know what to say, so please remind me if you have something else you want to say or want to talk to me more!

My humor is really bad/hj

And thats it lol

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