I Want To Die

I look inside of myself and try to find someone else.

Someone who is willing to die instead of watching you cry out for help.

I know that blood must be spilled.

If you won’t do it, I will.

My grave will never be filled.

It’s either kill or be killed.

So let it be known that some will come and some will go.

Where will I end up?

I don’t know.

But I’ll be dying alone.

I keep asking if I can be saved by confession.

I’ve had blood on my hands but they’re still reaching for Heaven.

I have to pick up the pieces.

I have to bury them deep.

A monster and villain, that’s all I’ll ever be.

I want to die.

Words are formed in blood.

Blood keeps on pouring.

I wipe it off of every pore.

Your life could end at any moment.

When it comes to death, I am my only opponent.

I won’t watch you cry.

I won’t let it keep going.

Am I a man or a beast?

Mother nature takes its course.

I want these feelings to cease.

I’m sick of this disease.

You will kill when you will kill.

That is what they say.

I won’t go against God’s will.

I will kneel down and pray.

There are Angels and Demons.

There is Hell.

There is Heaven.

Which one will you end up in?

Do you believe in The Devil?

You need to pick up the pieces.

You need to bury them deep.

When the dirt hits the coffin, go to sleep.

I want to die.

Don’t let me die.

I want to die.

Verse 1, Chorus and bridge written by Frankie Molly

Verse 2 written by PC

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