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ως εργένης, 

κάνω μόνο 

ότι μου φτιάχνει 

το κέφι

δεν έχω κάποιον ανώ μου

να μου γκρινιάζει για το πως ζω

δεν έχω κάποιον υπό μου

να μου γκρινιάζει να τον ταΐσω

ή, τουλάχιστον, αυτοί που μου γκρινιάζουν

και τα θέματα που μου αναφέρνουν

δε μου έχουν τη παραμικρή σημασία

αφού δεν υπάρχει πραγματική εξουσία

απάνω στο εργένης νου μου

απάνω την ελεύθερη ζωή μου

post my class' lab, which takes place with a different instructor, i was skateboarding back to my car. as i was going and going, i saw my professor for the class i don't attend- but do attend the lab to- smoking a cigarette. i stopped by him to say goodmorning- he immediately asked why i don't come to class. i honestly told him that i have already done his class and beyond- i have done principles of c under an ece class code, i have done classes in microcontrollers with c, i have done data structures. this class is just a necessity for a paper. he replied with- it does good still to appear to class. then i was honest still and told him 8am is too early for a class. "what about jobs?" "that's a different situation" i wanted to say, but i instead just said "i barely show up on time to my job in the mornings" which is not true. i am always on time for work. work has real stakes. this class doesn't. finally he stated again that showing up to class is still beneficial, good chance to study. studying i would do on my own time. i don't study on my own time. once is enough for this kind of thing. but i did retort with an honesty again- "yes, i have noticed in your last exam that you had a couple questions about what specifically was said in class." the exam had a question with four true statements, except that apparently one of them was never mentioned in class. impossible for me to know without attending. he skipped over that, continued the conversation to- "how was the exam?" "it was an exam. i don't do the best in exams i cannot have an i.d.e. open, i can see errors as i do, not as i read someone else's work." he didn't like that, i think, because then he just told me it does good to show up in class once again. i said i will try. i said goodmorning to him and left. 

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update: so far 2/2 i have not gone to class. just lab. get rekt prof. m.

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This reads like a riddle.

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it is not. it is straightforward.

by iason; ; Report

I am sure that this is not a riddle. I am not sure that this is straightforward.

by Fawkes; ; Report

literally as i say it it happened haha

by iason; ; Report