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This entry was originally written on July 5th, 2021.


“Uh. Could you… close your eyes for me?”

“What? Why?”


iz late in the night… 🦉🥐 on da bed just vibing when 🦉 notices that something is off… fluff ensues!!!!!!!

The phrase 'I'm in a bit of a low' is not one that Teelren really uses often nor out loud.

It’s only a matter of brushing it off as ‘just another one of those days’ before leaving his mood swings to simmer in silence- and so when the sudden confession slips through his lips, he’s a little surprised. First at himself, and then at Elys who decides that maybe that’s enough banter for one night and proceeds to shoot him a concerned look. 

If there was anyone else who knew this side of Teelren besides his immediate family, it would be her; his half-elf partner in crime. Blurting thoughts out loud was uncharacteristic for someone who was a firm advocate for bottling things up and keeping shit inside. But how could he do that now, when a familiar cyan eyes were peering right through his soul?

“Sorry,” He buries his face into a pillow.

Teelren knows he’s not fun to be around when he spirals like this, the culprit being his past catching up to him in the form of vivid nightmares and flashbacks. But Elys would know better than to feed into the demons that drain Teelren of himself. The half-elf shakes her head as soon as she feels another apology coming on.

“Hey now, we’ve talked about this. You know I care about you, T.”

There’s almost this urge to reach for his cheek, but Elys manages to think twice of it- instead, she rests her hand on top of a hand marbled with scars. 

After what seemed to be an eternity of waiting for some kind of response, Elys catches a muffled sigh coming from the blue tiefling, his grip on the pillow loosening ever so slightly. 

“... It keeps dragging me back.”

Elys listens with full attention.

“I keep thinking I can just live with it, but- Gods, it’s so real every time. Can’t remember where I’ve got a bar tab, but I remember everything else. The taste of blood in the air, the sting on my skin

Teelren pauses in a struggle to collect his thoughts, until a winding silence cascades over the conversation. If the pain of remembering his trauma was great, then the pain of speaking about it was far greater. He murmurs another apology and purses his lips, topping it off with a ‘you shouldn’t have to deal with all my shit like this’. His words tugged at Elys strongly, making her feel a familiar twinge in her chest.

“... I care about you,” She reminds, “That means I’m going to care about what happened to you.”

“You make it sound so easy.” Teelren tenses just as he speaks.

“I didn’t say anything about it being easy. Just that I care.”

One way or another, there will always be times when her partner would get caught up in his own past. Elys, of course, is no stranger to this feeling. She’s had her own fair share of moments and not once did this rogue, who somehow managed to charm his way into her heart, ever let her deal with things alone. Elys mirrors his pained expression before she shuffles closer to nurse his cheek; the part of his face that’s left untainted.

“I’ve got you, T. Just like how you’ve got me. You know I won’t ever treat you like that, ever.”

And that’s all he needed to hear. A shiver runs through him as he places his hand on top of hers. Gods, if only he could be this right with his words as well when it came down to comforting Elys. He knows for a fact that he’s bad at mushy stuff. Elys feels his jaw clenching tight as Teelren closes his eye to relish being close, right here right now, in this moment.

“You…” He sighs into her palm. “Keep saying shit like that and I’ll actually start crying.”

“Nothing wrong with that.”

“Maybe you’re fine with it, but I hate crying. I’d rather do anything else.”

The half-elf lets out an amused chuckle at his reply, and a warm feeling blossoms in his chest. There it is. One of his few weaknesses- the sound of Elys’ laugh. His mouth curls into a smile as well. A real one, not the one he puts on when he’s trying to hide his pain. He didn’t think it was possible for one person to single-handedly wash away the hurt in his heart and replace it with warmth, but it would seem that he stands corrected. The tiefling reckons that maybe that’s just the kind of effect Elys has on people.

He looks at her fondly before moving closer, until the half-elf could feel his breath tickle her nose.

“Uh. Could you… close your eyes for me?”

“What? Why?”


With him this close, the half-elf could practically see herself reflected in his eye even under the moonlight.


Teelren’s warm, calloused palm rests over Elys’ eyes, making sure she can’t peek. She feels his warm breath on her skin first, followed by the tentative, feathery brush of his lips. His other hand moves to cradle the back of her neck when he whispers against her lips.


She’s about to answer when Teelren kisses her again, this time more urgently than before. His teeth knock against hers, and he pulls back with a sheepish look.

“Woops. Sorry. A-Anyway, we should probably get some sleep. I’ll, ah-”

Before he’s even finished speaking, Elys lightly bumps her forehead against his with a giggle.

“You can try again in the morning.... Night, T.” 

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