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"Influencer behavior in an ordinary internaut" (Eng)

Title seems like an essay, but it's not, relaxxxx. just a little rant, that could b a bulletin, abt my behavior w this little social network. Did you ever feel this, the need to act like a "influencer" when you're not? By that, I'm not saying putting on lip fillers, dancing TikTok and showing a perfect life, but using social media as if ur working with it, when ur not. In my example, when using Spacehey, I tried 2 plan it perfect and set the periodicity of a professional blogger: "I'll post this on Monday, that on Friday and a survey on Saturday. All in the color pink." But that rigor was taking me away from posting here, what's absurd, cuz the social network I want is not one where I gotta have the influencer behavior, one way or another, but where I can just have fun, not worrying abt image or pressure, n make friends. I really, really want to make friends here in the old-school way: group-add-hello-MSN-talktalk-realfriend. That's why I'm now posting in two languages, and not 2 prove any smartness anymore. Influencer behavior is not my ideal of internet, it's something else. And i I wanna make this totally nonsense I WILL

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