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Welcome Back?

yeow! been a while since i logged in here ahihihi. i guess i can start off with what i did today

i had bacon today for breakfast. i finished what was in the packaging and figured i'll just tell my roommate that we'll go grocery shopping sometime this week. then, i watched a bit of youtube videos to kickstart my day; most of which were videos about internet mysteries and creepy stuff.

after i took my GAD meds, i turned on my pc and got to work. im participating in a game jam you see, and the deadline is in 4 days which means i gotta hustle, hustle, hustle. i recruited my good friend Seven to voice some stuff in my game, and Marina (my programmer friend) and i went to implementing these lines into my game. she sent me the build before going to sleep so i can play with it and make notes for her in the morning. but when i got to unzipping the build...

sometimes i ask myself, does god live in fear too of what he has created? that's how i feel about my game. for context, i'm making a psychological, analog horror inspired kinetic visual novel where you as the player run a series of tests on a prototype. and, well, you guessed it, the game's name /is/ "The Prototype".

i find it real funny that when i was making the game assets, i was all HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. but seeing these implemented into the engine and playing it for myself... christ. just know that i shielded my eyes with my palm because i was getting chills throughout my playthrough. please look forward to it when it comes out.

anyway, tonight i'll have the leftover bacon from this morning for dinner! i think i put too much garlic salt on it, because it has a weird tingy taste at the edges where it's crispy. well, food is food! that's it for today's blog. who knows when i'll do another one :)


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