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blog intro :3

hellooo,my name is toby!! or tobias, or izzy, or even loser or just blatant insults, idm. Im a huge fan of horror theme things and creepypasta, i even have a creepypasta oc of my own, its my persona.

i would rlly like to make friends on here, especially near me (canada), i love exploring woods and abandoned places, and crafting and making things.

i really enjoy going to junkyards or thrifting, exploring is really fun for me, especially when i get to make or collect things, i also love bonehunting.

im an artist and have been drawing for aslong as i can remember, i might post my art on here.

ive grown up with emo stuff and parents my whole life, my parents were teens when they had me, i grew up with their music, clothes, band posters all over, cigarettes, trauma, etc. but i also grew up with people that loved and adored me, and their sick as fuck /pos

i am autistic, and struggle with multiple other disorders like ptsd, bpd, bipolar, etc. please give me time to warm up

i hope we can all get along great <3

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