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people on YT that i personally love!! - the dnd podcast i listen to all the time, i love the fact taht for each campaign they host, a different person from their group of four will be the DM, like it's not just one person! also, they have a lot of cool stuff  on patreon which is where their other campaigns are!! (GUYS PLEASE LISTEN TO BLOOD IN THE BAYOU I LOVE THE CALL OF CTHULU-NESS TO IT) - this guy does really cool 2d animation, but i swear to u it looks 3d idk and his stuff is so trippy but immensely cool trust - oh and this person makes songs and animations!! they're working on a show rn and their style is just WOWWAOOWOWOWO ITS SOO TASTY LOOKINGGGG this guy makes COOL ASS ANIMATIONS love his pieces I LOVEE EVERYTHINGG THIS CHANNEL HAS MADE, FROM THE SMG4 SERIES TO BRANCHING OFF THE CHARACTERS INTO THEIR OWN SPIN OFF SERIES, AND THEN MAKING OTHER SERIES AND NOW THEY'RE COLLABING WITH GOOSEWORX LIKE WOAWHSDHWAKJHSDJKWAJHSJD 

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(guys idk how to use links on spacehey im nott gonna fix it just resort to ctrl c ctrl v)

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