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Diary july 24 2023

I went out to the beach and swam some. Later on that day i walked to the end of the beach with my dad. It was nice i don’t really get many chances to go hang out and do things with him so it was a decent change of pace. I found a lot of shells i like, there are these smallish flat ones with a metallic sheen as well as a conk shell. I wanna get into clothes making and I collected a bunch of the flat shiny ones i think theyd look good sewn onto a black swimsuit top nice and reflective yanno? Omg yeah i was very busy scaring the hoes because i said some crazy shit to my gf and i think i weirded her out a little lmao. I was just saying that i wanted to wear a shirt a bunch and get my smell kn it then send it to her so she can have it around and know if she likes my scent or not but i feel like a normal person hears that and goes wtf? Anyway yeah she gives me lots of attention but im greedy sk i kinda want more

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