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How I found spacehey

I was an avid MySpace user back in the early 2000's and much rather preferred it over it's counterpart, Facebook. I was almost devastated when it was bought out and turned into the heep of crap it is today. My fiancée and I were talking about MySpace the other day and she is around the same age but was in a pretty sheltered home throughout childhood and never got to fully experience MySpace in all of it's greatness. I began a rabbit hole of youtube video searching trying to find good examples of the crazy profiles you would see back in the day on MySpace and how much more fun it was than Facebook. It was then I stumbled upon a video of a man talking about MySpace being back in 2021 in the form of a new website called SpaceHey. I gotta say, SpaceHey is pretty much exactly how I remember MySpace and I couldn't be any more happy. Thanks to the creators and supporters that keep this website going. As a now 26 y/o male that grew up in the nostalgia of MySpace era I am very accomplished to see that there is finally a MySpace alternative.

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