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Who the fuck is this Nyx person? (Intro)

Gonna say this now, I’m the WORST at bios so get ready for a cluster of random stuff. 

Yo! You can call me Nyx, I’m a 24 yr old queer person. You can refer to me as any pronoun but have been leaning towards he/they but won’t mind if you call me she/her. I may seem cool online but I promise i’m the biggest loser you will ever talk too. 

I mostly watch anime and have a list of favorites that I will list at some point- does anyone else forget who they are when it comes to sharing things about themselves? No? Just me? Kind of figured. 

I dabble in photography and I have 4 cat children. 

My piercing count is now up to 17(??)

Tattoos I would sayyyyyy- 19? 

I love horror movies! If you have any recs please share!

Insomniac. It’s so wild cause some days you’ll see me active all the time and wonder where I find the time to sleep, funfact: I don’t. My schedule is hectic most days so if i don’t respond right away that is normal for me, some days I respond instantly, or suddenly disappear off the face of the earth before appearing out of no where. 

I’m down to make friends so don’t be afraid to talk to me!

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