Turning a New Stone (The FairyTale) (short story/poetry)

Here’s my version of a β€˜Grimm’s Fairytale’, called β€˜A Fairy’s Tale’ or β€˜Turning a New Stone- The Fairytale’.Β 

β€œΒ A fairy offers her assistance to the jungle's pleas- but with a deadly fee::Three babies quest to outsmart a fairy whilst out on their deliveries. A tribe and a family both inherit the same debt. A rhino longs for a new life, while a hippo longs for the life it lived.”

Disclaimer:: fantasy violence

Enjoy! :)Β 


Within the comfortingly familiar, but cramped jungle, lives the Rhino; his head hung as low as his spirits had been. The juniper waters never compared to the emerald skies above; how unsatisfied the Rhino had felt, despite the loyal family of twelve who had leapt to his every need.

"Oh how i wish to be the crow" the Rhino would sigh, trenching through his murky home; a fairy lurking nearby. "Oh how i wish to have the bluest skies." The fairy, hearing the Rhino's pleas, chimes in with glee. "I can help you, but first, you must help me." The Rhino listens with intrigue. "Whatever do you mean?" "I need buckets of blood, you see. seven. And that is all i would need. Then I will turn you into the bird that you wish to be."

The Rhino, unsure of how he was to find the seven Β buckets, had bargained up a plea: "I will find you someone to bring you the blood. Plenty; they would do that, for me." The fairy, with her conditions, agrees. "Okay, after their first delivery you will be free, as long as blood is guaranteed. Although, nobody will remember you, the Rhino, instead, they will see you, the Crow." The Rhino reluctantly agrees, treading off to find the family he seeks.Β 

The family, much like the Rhino, reluctantly agrees, too much love in their hearts for the Rhino to be able to bare he not be set free. So off, the first bucket of blood is sent, being delivered to the Fairy whence the time had came. And off the Rhino, now Crow, would soar, the family slowly forgetting the Rhino, but not the debt they owed.Β 

Soon enough, the family of twelve had increased to fifteen. Two daughters and a son is who the fairy would see, delivering its buckets from here on as long as they could see. On their way home, they bickered and squeamed. "Im sick of this, i want to wake up from this awful dream!" The babies would scream. Β  Β  Β  Β 

When they arrived home, their father was nowhere to be seen. "Im sick of him never being around! Surely that Fairy has had its fill of blood by now. We should be free. I bet it was her who had caused him to flee." And so the babies had thought of a plan. "I know, next time, ill go alone. There wont be a bucket this time; she gets none." Says the only son. "Whats the worst that can be done?"

And so they waited for the time to come, and when it did, Baby One had gone on his own. With no bucket of blood in sight, the Fairy had put up a fight, demanding it be brought at once. The Baby refused, and the Fairy had fumed with anger. "Fine, then your done." The fairy would declare.Β 

Back at his home, the baby would scorn at the thought of what was to come. "What does she mean, 'im done'? The best has yet to come!" the Baby would sigh, but as he began to cry, his eye would pop from its sockets. "Whats happening to me?!" The baby would scream. "The fairy said your done. Its a shame, you were the only son." The baby's arms and legs would soon turn blue, falling off from him two by two.Β 

"Ive had enough! This time, ill try something new." The first born baby girl would give a clue as to how her plan would surely fool. "Ill bring my butterfly net. And she wont be able to escape from us!" "How cool!" The third would exclaim. "Ill bring this blood vile, and surely that should keep her distracted for a while."

And so the time had came whence the Fairy had demanded her blood again. The baby, with her butterfly net, would show up confidently, but in vain.

Upon the Fairy's arrival, the baby would hold out the vile. "Here, no need to look farther" The Fairy would scuff. "This? This isnt enough!" "What do you mean, 'this isnt enough?' Surely you've had your fill of this stuff!" Enraged, the baby would break out the net, swinging at the Fairy with no regret. "This will teach you!" The fairy would scream, fluttering as the butterfly net had caught onto her wings. "Get a clue! Your not wanted, we dont want to serve you!" The baby would entrap the Fairy, leaving to her family of fifteen-now fourteen- with a glimmering gleam.

Β "I did it! Ive finally done it, now we can be free!" The baby would jump with joy, not seeing the solace in her families eyes. Little did she know, the Fairy wouldnt go that easily.Β 

The baby's limbs would soon turn blue, falling off two by two. β€œOf course that fairy escaped! Now we'll never change our fate!" There were no more plans for the three to devise, and as for time; it surely flies. And as for blue skies; the crow would soar, never hearing the fairy's demands anymore. While the babies would wait for the time to come, the fairy would roar to her jungle's drum.Β 

Beneath the crevices' and through the trees, the devil's teardrops drip with sleeze. In the jungle she would roar, disguised as a fairy nevermore; needing buckets to keep her safe, she drinks the blood and pleads her case. Claiming that she needs to live, 'the rest has enough to give, i need it most, and they wont impose'. She survives on sacrifice, and something less will not impress; she needs your blood, beloved.Β 

The buckets would fill up soon; that's what makes the fairy swoon. The third baby would go alone; needing not another stone unturned.Β 

This delivery would go as planned, as there are no more blows left for the babies to land. As her two siblings turn too blue, she questions whats there left to do. As the third daughter would ponder her own families slaughter, her stress would only lead her to those juniper waters.

As she questions the debt she owes, she thinks of all the nothing left that she could sow. As the hippo slogged through the waters green and blue, she sees the grapevine peaking through. Peaking through the skies, cloudly and true, she speaks aloud with all her woes. "Why couldnt that be me, happily eating all the grapes i see? I wish that could be me..."Β 

As the fairy listens in, she smiles with her wicked grin. Perching near the girl so dear, the fairy whispers in her ear. "Dont you love it here?" The baby shakes her head, looking to the hippo instead. "I wish i could be there." "I could make you the hippo, if it werent for the debt you inhere."

The girl perked up with a glimmering gleam. A gleam of hope, yes it was, shining through her like a light from above. "I could be the hippo?" "If not for the debt you owe." The fairy would remind. "Oh yes, like you say, 'How very unkind if you dont repay'... Wait!" The girl would think of a plan, all new to her; but fairly cruel. "If i could find a family to provide, will you turn me into the hippo; you'll truly abide?" The fairy nods. And with a stride, the baby would leave, to find a family that could help her beat the fairy that never let her be.Β 

Finding the hippos tribe so near, was a luck of strike that she held dear. "Will you help me?" The tribe was reluctant, and nearly disagreed, if it werent for the hippo, peaking behind a tree. So lonely, the hippo had been. The tribe had thought that he could use a friend. And so they agree, meeting with the fairy and bargaining their plea. "Turn this girl into a hippo, as she seeks. We will bring you the rest of your blood, starting this week." The fairy agrees, sending the baby into the waters; as the hippo, such as they agreed.Β 

Soon, the tribes memories became weak, the thought of two hippos seemed so meek. Mistaking the two as one, the original hippo felt so numb. Thinking he was something less, he thought he ought to leave this mess. And though he went to journey on his own, the path he caved made him feel so alone.Β 

Trenching through the muddy waters so deep, his loneliness became so steep. Returning home, he started to feel dumb, but on his way he traveled. Upon his arrival, the mystery he unraveled had him quite rattled. Tied up by the feet, and cut up like meat, the clinking of blood splatter was enough to make the hippos heart shatter. Broken at the beak, the crows blood leaks into a bucket.Β 

Starting with the crow wasnt enough to bestow, they had to cast another stone. Within these stones a castle built, and within those walls the secrets spilt. Under the cover, 3 babies would be discovered, with an unborn left to be uncovered. As the tribesman disappear, the babies knew they had to adhere; delivering the buckets with a frown from ear to ear.Β 

As time went on, the tribal line would fade too soon. Only three babies, their unborn brother and their mother were left; leaving the hippo to look onto them with pure intent. Warning them with much regard, he tells them to make a deal, but be on guard. "The fairy will give you the life you desire, if you make a deal with her that the buckets she will still acquire." The babies agree, sending the first one off with a bucket and hopeful glee.Β 

The baby, as nervous as can be, makes his request the first moment that he sees. "I would like a new life, im already sick of this strife. Turn me into my unborn brother, let me start my life all over!" The fairy would cackle. "An unborn baby? How crude! He couldnt do anything that you could do." And with the deal declined, the baby was inclined to return to the castles walls.Β 

Living within the castles walls could be beat; nothing ever felt less neat. Life out there was such a drag, to the second baby, who felt so sad. Sad enough to refuse to deliver, sentencing herself to a world as just a sliver. A sliver of time, a sliver of the mime she use to inhabit. As she digs her heels in, she feels her lungs begin to give in. Soon enough, two by two, her limbs turned blue, just like she knew.Β 

The third baby would go, knowing that his request certainly wouldnt get a 'no'. Upon the babies arrival, the baby would reveal what he truly wanted. "im sick of these quests, and as you might have guessed, im asking for a deal." The fairy would groan, her patience thin. "What is it already?" "I wish to be a hippo. My first born brother will finish your last request. One last bucket, that would make seven. And then we can return to what was our heaven." The fairy would agree, allowing a third hippo to roam free, the third baby being forgotten by the remaining three of his tribe.

As the first babys heart grew colder, he knew he couldnt stand the fairy much longer. Spite and anger formed within; the castles walls fell right in. On he went, the bucket bent, for now he'd kick it right over. On his way, the rage he paved lead him to those juniper waters.

Watching as the hippo lays, he thinks of what he's going to say. As he storms right over, his revenge topples over. "How dare you suggest i make a deal! My tribe now will never heal!" As he reaches for the knife, on his decision he didnt think twice, ending the hippos life. For the hippo didnt know, she would have left long ago. She didnt know the tribe would go, and just like her previous family, there was still a debt to be owed.Β 

The hippo who had suggested the deal, was on his way to intercept the fairy's next meal. When he arrived, the fairy was deprived, licking the empty buckets. "That boy was suppose to arrive! He promised me my blood, and this time; i have a surprise." The fairy looks to the hippo with ember in her eyes. "You've got no bucket for me, hippo. I've got no time for you, not another deal, not on my dime!"Β 

"Theres no more blood for you, this is your sign." Β And just like that, the boy would arrive. 'See? Ill always have blood, so long as im alive. Its others who give me strength; the more i drink, your lives will sink. Soon the world i will rule, and your flesh i will slew, all because of you."Β 

The fairy turns to the first born boy, picking the bucket up with far too much joy. "Soon my true form i will take, delivering you into your place. Thinking i was helping you, but truly you will all turn blue." Tipping the bucket to her lips, the fairy hiccups before taking a sip. Not knowing what to do, the hippo swallows her, her taste would loom. Saving them from their doom, the hippo would return to the jungle that he knew. The fairy dissolved into stomach acid pretty soon, and after that, their lives they'd start anew...

Beneath the crevices' and through the trees, the jungle no longer dripped with sleeze. The juniper waters had now compared, to the bright blue skies that float up there. For the hippo had found his tribe, one full of those that had survived, and within it flowers had bloomed. Thinking of his past, was the worst he assumed, but when his stomach growls its all he can do.

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