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in 20 years..

You ever stop and wonder where you'll be in atleast 20 years?

In 20 years, i'll be 33 soon to be 34.

I'll probably have a full time job, an appartment (houses will luxury) of my own, likely not a family, maybe a lover or maybe other lonely friends who have no chance in romance like me.. Or just lonely. Atleast with a cat

I'll probably finish work late each time, or maybe early but i'll also have to start early.

During my free time, i'd take a walk on the local park, see people my age have babies, toodlers or even children if they started in their late 20s, or maybe just go to the local bar with my friends if i have some, or maybe on a date (who knows..)

Or just stay in my basement using that outdated windows 10 system while scrolling the internet.

During family reunions or similar, would i even be there..? Would i still keep contact with cousins and siblings? Probably, but i'd be a "burden" if i end up without family

I'd long for my middle school and high school days.

I'd be nostalgic for today and tomorrow.

And keep aging miserably or decently.

I thought of this because my birthday is in two mondays, and i thought about how i'd never be 13 again and how i will just keep on again to eventually be a big mature and working adult living on her own.

It's just that, because it's so far away, you never really think about it, but when you start thinking deep about it and how you're just gonna keep aging and aging

It's just so..

Well, i still haven't passed my gcses after all, so this should be the last thing on my mind.

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I do think about my future, and for the most part I'm hopeful! :D

Here's the way I see it:
>go to college
>get job in my area
>meet wife
>have kids
>happy life :D

>go to college
>get job in my area
>DON'T meet wife
>do lots of community work, I want to have a positive impact on my community

>go to college
>DON'T get job in my area
>enlist in army
>get rich or die trying

>how tf did none of the other plans work

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