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Built my own chat platform. I get amused to easy!

It’s been a month nearly since launching my own chat platform with Matrix/Synapse with Element which works great so no need for Facebook messenger for chatting or video calling to IT Techs around the globe not only that no need to worry about messages being snooped on. 

Good thing about this it’s on private servers around the globe. Federation and strong encryption. It’s not just used by personnel, it’s used by military, Governments, police etc.

Mainly the reason why I have built this is I have friends and family around the globe and some don’t want Facebook which is understandable. 

I do have a Project/Job coming up next month and that’s to demo this not saying who for but, I’ll be building a demo Server with Matrix/Synapse and Coturn. So I’m planning my trip to Ireland 

But I must say that’s chats between a friend and me is just nuts! I get amused so easily!

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So cool sir!!11!!!

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