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DNI list ig

Heyy guysss, 

I haven't done one of these in a while, but I have been seeing alot of other people do this kinda thing so here's mine. (btw this isn't all, but if I do put all of it on here i'dd get canceled sooo yea)

- Don't be too serious (its boring)

- None of that they/them shit of whateva

- I respects gay people but like don't make it your whole personality (acualy nobody really cares)

- Furry's, or people that think there fkn animals (your not, grow tf up)

- Those extreme woke people (ya'll scare me)

- people who fake real disorders (youse need serious help)

- satanist (before you say 'but it has nothing to do with satan, we don't worship the devil.' read the name again wierdo. 

- rasicm (I just don't understand how someone can still be rasict in 2023)

Some of ya'll really be out here saying 'I wish I lived in the 2000s'. And then go on to say that you're a 'he/they, non-binary lesbian, autistic, with DID and tourettes'. Like be fuckin fr.

If you don't agree with me go watch some Blair White hopefully she can cure you, but to each it's own i guess

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