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I was right Elon KILLED Twitter

Yep... Twitter is now dead and it's becoming X. That's it... Just fricking X, or specificly Twitter X.

and I am very dissapointed. I wish Twitter got a better CEO way better than ELON MUSK THE STUPID PERSON THAT RUINED TWITTER!!!

but it's too late Twitter is dead... I wish Elon wasn't the CEO anymore.

I might move to Tumblr or use Threads by Instagram but I will use Tumblr...

I feel like X is going to flop so hard that everyone won't like it at all.

R.I.P. Twitter


screw you elon

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elon is a villian

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it's actually so disappointing?? hate the fact that elon drops updates based on his own whims instead of what could actually help the platform. just the idea of it makes me want to delete the app

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Yeah, I know right? It's a shame Elon has to become the CEO of Twitter and screw over Twitter.

It's like David Zaslav rebranding HBO Max into just Max...

In fact come to think of it David & Elon are both CEOs of disaster, I mean did you see alot of WBD projects being cancelled. And alot of tax rights. I mean there is no winner on the Worst CEOs of the year is it's both Elon & David.

I wish we could a CEOs that took care of everything instead making things awful...

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Exactly, it wasn't until I remembered Spacehey that I signed up here. Definitely expect me to be more active on Tumblr.

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