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You Deserve...

You deserve fairy tales and butterfly kisses.

You deserve a room with a nice view, and room service to your hearts content.

You deserve unlimited hugs that starts with lifting you up and spinning you around.

You deserve a hug that ends with a long sigh of relief.

You deserve your favorite food that don't cost anything because its always on the house.

You deserve no doubts about what you are passionate about.

You deserve diamond rings, gold things, and everything that seems to bling.

You deserve a lifetime of feet rubs, while eating your favorite ice cream.

You deserve your own personal holiday for your birthday.

You deserve the lights that stars give out, right before they about to explode.

You deserve to feel wanted without ever having to ask.

You deserve to be loved. More then you ever have...then some more.

And I deserve to be the one to give you all those things.

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