weird ppl (kinda just a rant???)

Bloody Stabbing Knife

oh my god i still think abt this one time i posted on twt abt this one friend who was annoying and a big weirdo (not friends with them anymore THANK GODD) and my ex thought it was abt them 💀 they made like 5 tweets being upset abt it like "i literally dont even care anymore!!!1!11!!!!!" so glad im not in contact with them and dont have to go to school with them,, do have to go to school with the annoying ex friend tho now and ughhhhjjhd. there was this one girl at my old school who had a crush on my bf, my bfs poly so like not that big of a deal i just wanted to meet her BUTOMG SHES INSUFFERABLLEEEE and she would message one of my bfs weird things like "wanna see a video of me having a seizure" and every time they talked it was abt some problem in her life and her venting 24/7 they never rlly like actually had a conversation?? AND SHE RANDOMLY STARTED CALLING HIM HER BF???? LIKE UMM WHAT so one of my friends camw to me abt an issue they had with her so i confronted her abt it and also how shes delusional and weird and my bf doesnt like her at all bc shes WACKY and she finally left us alone, she still tells ppl that they dated tho?? was so ready to beat that girl up lmaoo anyway damn this is way longer than i wanted it to be (T_T)

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