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what to do if your bored...

one thing i like doing when im bored is cooking why? because when you cook it takes your mind off of things like important stuff and so..

                                           also you can listen to music like helps to but nothing to loud just something you can go to sleep on like a playlist on YouTube.. and speaking of sleep you can take a nap thats what i always do when im bored taking a nap is good because it takes half of that day     away see if your like me i can sleep for at least  4 to 3 hours if im taking a nap ....Orrr you can write writing can help to  haha i was really  bored when I was writing this but now im not           somehow? Drawing is one of my favs you can draw something really hard that can past the time ... going outside and walking around or playing helps a lot at times too..

   Thanks for reading :)  

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