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releasing music for the 1st time - 23/07/23

this feels so weird to say because i havent ever in my 6 years of playing and making music ever released anything officially but today is apparently that day. the 23rd of july 2023, i, me, myself, release music alongside someone i consider to be my brother.. this is definitely a step forward in my life and im so nervous yet excited! at the time of writing this its just under an hour away from releasing!

if you were wondering or interested at all, i am the vocalist of a metalcore band based in the uk called "the day as it decays" and our first single "scars" comes out on spotify, amazon music and should be on pretty much all streaming platforms at 10am gmt! i am excited to hear what people think and we already have some new projects in the works so if you like it you can expect more! all kinds of support is appreciated, if youd like to keep up with us as a band you can find us on instagram and facebook by simply searching "the day as it decays!" though make sure to stream our song! (kidding! or am i?) 

if you read all this, thank you so much for reading and for possibly checking us out! it definitely means a lot! have an awesome day or night and ill hopefully see some of you again on here or over on our socials! peace! :D

- josh 


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zammnnnnn it was so good

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thank you! :D

by joshua black; ; Report


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I'm not one to listen to music of this genre all of the time, but I genuinely liked it.

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thank you so so much!

by joshua black; ; Report


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Just listened to the single and it sounds great! :D

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thank youu thank youuu :DD

by joshua black; ; Report


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That's awesome!! goodluck on your journey. I can't wait to hear your first released song :>

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thank you so much, this means so much to me! :DD

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