In the depths of her innocence, a girl so naive,

She craves the pain, the hurt that you weave.

Punches and kicks, they bring her delight,

For it's from you, her love's eternal light.

She clings to you desperately, unable to part,

Her heart consumed by an unwavering art.

Unable to fathom a life without your touch,

Her love for you, she loves it too much.

But oh, how I wish she could open her eyes,

To see the truth hidden beneath your disguise.

For love shouldn't cause bruises and pain,

It should uplift, heal, and set hearts free again.

Yet she remains entangled in a web of desire,

Blinded by a love that burns like hot wire.

She yearns for your affection, believing it to be true, 

Ignoring the signs that indicate a love askew. 

But deep down inside, she knows something's not right, 

As her spirit grows weary from the endless fight. 

She longs for a love that's gentle and kind, 

A love that will bring peace and ease her troubled mind. 

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