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Cub started as an idea from Robynn Iwata and Lisa Marr- neither of them really knew their instuments but they both worked at a radio station and came up with that dream (as revealed on an interview from 1993 available on the new waves album released in 2018- i found this interview on bandcamp it's about an hour long) they knew the drummer- she was a nice lady but only stayed for the first album (and the prior EPs) as practice mainly. She was later replaced with Lisa G (Lisa Gertrude Nielson) until the band's splitting.



Cub - PEP 1992 (a vinyl including a white and black paw side (cub) WHITE PAW SIDE: go fish, what the water gave me, the day we met. BLACK PAW SIDE: Chico, Motel 6 (Lisa's first original song, as revealed in the interview), A Party )


Cub- Cub's Hot Dog Day 1993- (flying carpet, my chinchilla, electric chair, nicolas bragg, through my hoop, summer samba)


Cub- THE DAY I SAID GOODBYE / EXIT (including those songs)



BETTI-COLA (1993), their first official album. It included all songs from hot dog day and PEP, but NOT the day I said goodbye/ exit and also having its own extra list of songs (THERE WAS A JAPANESE RELEASE WITH A FEW EXTRA SONGS THAT WERE LIVE. THE ORIGINAL COVER WAS GREEN) (they might be giants covered "NEW YORK CITY" from this album fun fact)


s (japanese release)

COME OUT COME OUT (1995), their second album with a bunch of new songs and in another release there were a lot of extra songs- but those extra songs for both betti-cola and come out come out are on spotify


BOX OF HAIR (1996), this is their last "larger" album- aka one that is known and was at some point on spotify (although it is only on SOUNDCLOUD now.) and is also my favorite I adore it


MAULER (1997), this is their last album- its a collection of songs- demos- covers so on so forth. its the hardest to get to and is only available on youtube since the actual physical album is impossible to get to (ALSO to add onto a song ONLY on cub's mauler- Green Eyes- can be heard in a live show from 1995)


(cover art done by Robynn Iwata) 

. . .

OUT OF ANY OF THESE I'd love to get Come out, Come out AND Box of Hair (desperately) I love these two albums with my heart and hey, the CD art is gorgeous 

I think I could reasonably call myself the #1 Cub Fan HAHA

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ALSO ON THE TOPIC OF THE 2018 RELEASE OF THE 1993 RECORDING FROM NEW WAVES RECORDS,, I don't know why I didn't add that but it's just them singing many songs from Betti Cola outside of a studio !!!
THAT ALBUM IS ON SPOTIFY IF YOU WANNA LISTEN- AND BANDCAMP IF YOU WANNA HEAR THE INTERVIEW (kinda like how in box of hair theres an hour of a squeaky chair!!!)

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