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My first encounter with a Karen!

For context, I'm a cashier so I encounter all kinds of people on a daily basis. 

This all happened yesterday when I was working at the self-checkout section of the registers. A middle age woman scanned a two-piece workout outfit. When she scanned the item it came out to around 16 dollars but she demanded that it was actually 5 dollars. Obviously, the price tag said 15 bucks and some change which we cannot change, I and my coworkers tried to talk to her and explain how we cannot change the price because it doesn't have a clearance tag even though it was on a clearance rack. She didn't care or even bother to listen so she yelled at us some more about how we're incompetent and aren't good at our job. To prove our point I physically went over to the clearance rack and took a handful of pictures proving that the item was, in fact, not 5 dollars. She still didn't care and demanded our manager, at the time most of our managers were either busy or out on leave. As we explained this to her she stormed off WITH the outfit in her hand cussing us out. 

If you are curious about why we didn't stop her it's because we legally couldn't (also for safety reasons i.e. getting attacked).

July 22nd, 2023 posted at 2:30pm 

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joshua black

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i hate people who go out of their way to make minimim wage workers suffer even though theyre not paid to deal with their shit
are the police involved now? whats going on with that?
the experiences and stories are going to keep rolling in, it is written in the book of cashiering 101, though im sorry that you personally have to go through it but i feel like at least you can look back on it being funny despite it being frustrating at the time

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The police don't usually get involved in these types of cases because there was no "disturbance", although from what I heard from the security department I doubt she'd be able to come back anytime soon.

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