Barbie Movie

I got to see the Barbie Movie premier yesterday!

I completely forgot that movie premiers sell out... I ended up almost unable to see it because I didn't realize I needed to pre-order my tickets, but one of our friends dropped out last minute, and I got their ticket!. Anyways, some seats were empty because I guess not all of the people who pre-ordered showed up, so I should have just snuck in anyways. There were a lot of empty seats for a supposedly "sold out" movie theatre. So honestly, I don't regret not preordering, because I could have just snuck in anyways >~<

I did bring my own water cup without even realizing it could be used at the soda fountain, but once I realized this, I definitely took advantage of it. I do love the new soda machines, with the touch screens, because they give you so many more flavor options and are a lot less messy, but I know one day as those machines improve the companies going to add QR codes and sensors to make it harder to get free soda from them, so it's eventually going to suck. For now though, it's great! ^u^

The movie itself was COMPLETELY not what I expected! I thought it would be more like a kids movie, but you can tell this movie was made for adults and teenagers that grew up playing with barbies, even though the movie was probably rated PG. I think it was at least? It definitely had themes of sexual assault, which played into the overall much bigger themes of feminism and the patriarchy. Now lets be clear - I'm not a cuck, I know that thousands of little girls and boys are very much aware of the patriarchy, and sexual violence, and I'm very glad they portrayed that. But this is NOT a movie you can let your bigoted republican family watch, unless you want to either be forced to listen about liberals ruining everything for hours on end. If you want to show their kids this movie, or you are a kid that wants to see this movie, don't do it where the parents can see.

So yeah! Overall I thought it was a great movie, it was a beautiful bleed between colorful and whimsy and the grim gritty real world, and simplistic barbie land can't be so beautiful without the tragedy of reality. Definitely helped me with the long term feeling of coming to terms with death. 


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