This is America- a poem about how shitty America is

This is America

This is America the best country in the world, just don’t remember who found it first.

Forget the natives or even wipe them out. Cause Columbus found it without a doubt.

The rates are rising, and people are dying.


At school I’m afraid because it might be the end of my days.

The first street smarts girls learn is how to hold your keys, not to look both ways when crossing the street.

And kid get killed just for being trans. When will the world just give us a chance?

Black people are seen as “a threat” that might be the worst one yet.


Women get catcalled or even raped, when will men give us a break?

And children are killing themselves because or bullying, when just when can we stop worrying?

And instead of “my body my choice” it’s “not my body but my voice”

And sorry this poem is so long but a lot of our story’s are told wrong.


So this is America, and unless you a straight white man (unlike me) then there’s no shot at equality.

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