Boundaries !!

I just wanna write a little blurb abt what i am/am not ok with. Consider it a dni/byf list if u will idk  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

plz interact if u :)...

- have similar interests, my list of interests is on my profile!! (bonus points if we have the same special interest >_<)

- want a cool safe space B) 

- love blinkies /hj

not ok if u :(...

- are over the age of 20. Im 16 and younger adults can interact as long as ur not creepy but in general accepting follow requests from anyone over 20 makes me mega uncomfy...

- are here to start drama. this is a chill place

- have unethical beliefs. by that i really just mean basic dni (bigots, zoos, maps, etc etc u get the idea)

this isnt part of the list but its just a request: i may need tone tags here and there!

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