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chip hurty

i actually cannot cope with my obsession with crunchy food lately. like im thinking there might be something going on with me biochemically because i can't stop eating potato chips i had a bag of chilli chips for breakfast this morning and then i went to this party and ate all the chips there too. also im so fucking tired but that might just be from being jumpscared by the saw iv dvd menu at like 2 in the morning. or probably my lack of sustenance. likely my lack of sustenance. :( 

and i finished succession on hbo like last week and now there's a roy family shaped hole in my mind ive desperately been trying to fill with memes however the yearning for more succession content is inconsolable and ive no idea what to do with myself anymore. i may go apeshit and throw myself into bingewatching the walking dead or something. stay tuned for more 

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