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Figured I wanted to type some things down if y’all are genuinely curious about me, I’m lil embarrassed to say one of em bcs some people can be judgmental about tht :<

Anyways, I’m not comfortable sharing my real name, y’all can just call me G for short! I’m 19 (Jul 05) I’m Mexican, I love to cook & bake yum yum. I’m a big gift giver, I baked good desserts for my classmates, I’m the kind of person to put ppl before me yk, I genuinely love seeing people smile, to make em happy. I’m like a mother in the friend group.

>I’m also hard of hearing which just means my hearing level is not same level as yours! Its between hearing and deaf level<

I know Sign Language, I love using sign language to communicate because I feel more confident talking that way ahha but I love love to game and listen to music. Its my 2 main hobbies, I play whatever I have on Ps5.

I love animals! I took VetMed classes during my 4 hs years, I have Small Animal Assistant Certification:3 But sadly, I lost my passion for it and other reasons… Anyways, I’m possibly going to register for college this year! I’m thinking to major in Small Business. 

I really don’t have alot cool hobbies, I’m very shy and introvert but I’m very cool once you get to know me. 

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