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sora rant (kh)

WOOOOo starting a new thing here wooo woohoo

sora is perfect. he is written and designed perfectly. the way he interacts with characters is perfect. his character development is perfect. i am biased.

in kh1, he's shown as this gullible, happy, carefree kid, who doesn't know much about the world beyond the destiny islands. then the heartless show up, and he gets his keyblade, and most importantly, he loses the people he cares about. immediately we see change in his behavior upon coming to terms with the situation. he is determined to find riku and kairi, and this unwavering determination is the very thing that gets you rooting for him. he is a genuine person, which make malificent's manipulation to riku even more heartbreaking.

throughout the games, sora is continuously shown to be the personification of compassion and light, bringing people out of the dark, both metaphorically .. and literally. this is why he has so many connections, and why ventus chose sora to house his heart. but he is also shown to have his own weaknesses, especially in kh3. i won't get too into detail for spoilers but. sora's weaknesses are displayed very clearly in one scene X( 

everyone should aspire to be like sora. 

he is so cool such a cool guy and that's coming from me. yea me THE cool guy THE certified cool guy

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I am SO excited to see how Sora develops in KH4. Need a new trailer asap... I want to see him again!!

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i agree 100% i always love seeing his development as a character from game to game

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