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The Internet is Vast (A Mans Gotta Document it) 1

Ima update this as I go in different post bulks but I'm just putting odd and/or interesting sites n stuff here so I can go back to em among other stuff, I'll try and date these things within the post bc it's a vibe but if I forget, don't be surprised!!!


Moof! in Mind!

A cute little site talking about how a pixel dog cow thing and how Moof! in Mind is kinda a creative look on like all because of an odd fucking bunch of pixels. It also sings Apple's praises but I suppose that was in the past so I can forgive it for that.

Sonic Item Photo Gallery

Seems to be a site filled with images of Sonic items??? Seems insanely large bc I just saw a mofuckin Sonic lighter on this bitch??? what in the fuck. Cool anyways to browse through even tho I'm not as into Sonic as I used to be.

The Neko Archive

Small but insanely based site that is/was collecting these little cat sprites from the Neko Software! I personally havent heard of it but these little guys are Adorable!!!

The Virtual Foliage Homepage!

A plant collection? Collection of plants? Along with some science? It seems?

Phone Trips

A documentation of playing around with old phones from around America to hear the sounds, messing with the devices before electricity evolved to the point all of our phones sound the same, it's actually an interesting concept. I personally didn't think anyone would've decided to collect the noises of just messing with phones, but I really can respect it.

NASA Apollo 11 30th Anniversary

Little site focusing on the Apollo 11 moon landing, last updating on Sept 20, 2002 so although it's more basic I feel like putting it here because it's an older look on the landing itself.


Apparently in Eugene Oregon on April Fools there's a Jell-O-Rama which is basically a Jell-O Art Show. Someone documented some of their entries n it's kinda cute imo

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* interesting addition:
* its a site dedicated to P-shifting, or real-life shapeshifting. this community is really old and theres definitely more sites, but i forgor alot of the URLs

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